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EPISODE 4 | Onboarding New Hires

Onboard is often a single day (or even half-day) affair, showing new hires around the office and giving them the necessary logins. But onboarding is a process that should begin in the interview stage. Listen closely as Michael and Anne share relevant tips and explain the onboarding process from start to finish.

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EPISODE 3 | Leading Through Change

As managers, we can't control the fact that change is going to come to our organization. But we can, however, influence how we handle it personally and how we help our team handle it. In, 'Leading Through Change', Michael and Anne discuss how to personally approach change and how to support your team through change.

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EPISODE 2 | Superworkers

In episode 2 of the 2WA Consulting podcast, Michael and Anne discuss the repercussions of micromanaging and being a superworker. When managers focus solely on getting tasks complete they hurt their teams, their careers and create more work for themselves than they need to be doing. Through the podcast, managers can learn the 4 Ds of balancing management and day-to-day functions and free themselves to think more strategically.

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EPISODE 1 | Motivation

Even our best team members go through slumps or have off months. In episode 1 of the 2WA Consulting podcast Michael and Anne discuss how to motivate employees, how to check in on how they’re doing and how to keep your team reaching its goals. Listen closely to learn the 8 ways to motivate employees in this insightful podcast episode.

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