Our Services

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2WA is known for listening and designing solutions that work. Solutions that have been customized for your organization.  Solutions that have been proven over 20 plus years of implementation.  We don't use canned material or products.  We provide solutions that work, advice that is effective and support you so you are confident in taking action.


Leadership Development

Building the skills and the experience of tour leadership team is key to long term success.  2WA has over 20 years of experience designing leadership and management development programs from the ground up.  Starting with designing a competency framework, we move to a '360' feedback process that provides greater self-awareness for all participants, before rolling out curriculum that is practical, effective and efficient.  People rave about the skills they learn from us.

Key Details:

  • Increased self-awareness about personal strengths and areas of improvement

  • Practical, immediately actionable skills that will dramatically improve how your people are managed

  • Long-term personal development as a result of personal learning plans delivered during the program engagement.



Individual coaching is an intensive development activity that can set a new manager on a successful flight path or correct issues of mid-term managers who are moving to the next level. 2WA's approach is to identify areas of focus using data collection (360's / interviews) and then developing an effective action plan, that is fully supported by the coachees boss. We have over 20 years of experience coaching people and we have seen every possible situation We have the answers that people need to be supremely successful.

Key Details:

  • Coachees have immediate tools to use

  • Supportive feedback is gathered and delivered that help coachees understand the need to change and what changes are required

  • Confident, proactive managers, ready to take on higher order issues to improve the organization's deliverables



Culture Projects

This is not about yogurt. Culture is the unique set of collective behaviours in an organization. The question is 'Do you have the right ones, the ones position the organization for significant success in the long term? If you can't answer that question, you need to find out what culture you have, you need to identify the culture you need and then develop a change and transition plan to implement. Sounds like a lot of work? Contact us below. We've done it and can help you miss the mistakes and focus on the successes.

Key Details: 

  • Great consistency of behaviour amongst all employees

  • Improved performance because people are doing the right things

  • Morale is hugely improved because people know what is desired and that makes it easier to work there


Fixing Working Units

Toxic work environments occur when managers don't manage and their direct reports have to figure out what success looks like. The problem is that often, what success looks like is different from one person to another and that can lead to chaos. What you need is someone to step in, diagnose the core drivers of the issues, identify the best possible solution and then implement flawlessly. That's what we do.

Key Details:

  • Reduced tension in the work group because people feel heard
  • Management feels like they have the tools necessary to be effective
  • Collective performance is increased as people feel good about working in the work unit